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A new season for K?

Really sorry, I can’t stand a K without him.

Sailor Moon x Arina Tanemura // Part 2

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Okay, this is my wallpaper at the moment ~


Please Read This: A fanletter to Sorachi (kind of)
Just want to share my sentiments:

This is a one long status. It’s disturbing me even now. Everytime I recall it, I got mini heart attacks. If I ever feel being heartbroken, I want to experience it with a real person and…

Cover vol 19

Anonymous sent:

Not a sebciel hater but I don't really like sebastian and ciel as a pair, so I can understand what you feel haha. First time seeing someone with the same opinion as me hahah. have a nice day!

Glad to find another one who shares the same thought as me. Nice day ~

Anonymous sent:

Heh. Hey there. Look I'm not following you and your not following me but I don't think you should tag your hate. You'll get a lot if sebciel shippers mad at you. It's ok to convey the message to followers/ppl you follow? But to tag it TO sebciel was wrong if you. The anti sebciel was fine, but. Yeah. Just wanted to inform you.

The tag is “anti sebciel”, not “sebciel”.
And I don’t care how much SebCiel shippers get mad at me. Let you be :)

Anonymous sent:

I don't care that you hate sebciel. Honestly we all have our notp's. And that's fine. BUT DONT TAG YOUR FUCKING HATE. Please please untag that post from the sebciel tag. I look through tags to find art and writing not people bashing my favorite couples. So please untag it and have a lovely day you cute little hater you.

Hey dear, are you mad?
Look clearly. I tagged ‘anti sebciel’, not ‘sebciel’, ok?
Whatever you said, I don’t care.



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“Got a hold of yourself lenalee “

"Get ahold of yourself, Lenalee." It was at this point I decided to ship them. As if the whole Lenalee vs. Eshi storyline wasn’t convincing enough, this is one of those little moments in their relationship that shouldn’t go unnoticed. Lavi notices Lena’s anxiety, and before she can get hysterical he TOUCHES HER (yes, physical contact is important because as an impartial Bookman’s apprentice he prooobably shouldn’t be doing that) and whispers encouraging words. He’s there for her and continues to be there for her, even later while the Black Order is under attack.